conservatory insulation super quilt


... that come when you choose to insulate your conservatory

  • Choice of the colors for the roof tiles
  • No need for planning permissions
  • Mold or condensation issues are cured
  • Reduced bills on heating and air conditioning
  • Eliminate the sun damage on your carpets or furniture
  • In-existent sun glare on your computer screen or TV
  • Too hot in the summer too cold in the winter
  • Eliminate the external noise up to 90%
  • A beautiful place to read a book or to drink your coffee
  • A secure playground for your children or nephews
conservatory quality materials

Quality materials

In our work we use only the best quality, branded products and materials. We can assure you will have the latest upgrades on the market because in our view the quality makes the difference.

conservatory roof slate tiles

We use

  • Treated battens
  • Super quilt insulation
  • Plasterboard (vapor-board)
  • Plaster multi-finish
  • Ship-lap cladding
  • OSB 18 mm
  • Roof membrane
  • Skylight
  • Roof slate tiles

Rain Noise – forget about it

Our solid tiles conservatory roof insulation system extraordinarily improves the robustness, warmth and furthermore the noise produced by the rain- diminishing this by up to 95%. So now you can utilize your conservatory without moving to another room when it down pours.

Temperature regulation – tremendously improved

We fit only the best and most effective protection materials to improve the insulation of your conservatory roof. This will impact on the heat loss up to 90% --- keeping your conservatory warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cutting your energy bills

Put a smile on your face when you see your energy bills. During the winter your conservatory will retain 90%of the heat. Reducing your energy consumed to keep it warm, the results will be in having your energy bills reduced.

Your old conservatory become a real room

Once we fit the Extratherm 50mm, the framework and the 19mm layers SuperQuilt insulation is your turn to choose the internal finish. UPVC-cladding or plaster finish and your conservatory will now have a fully insulated ceiling- becoming a proper room making you fall in love again

Midlands installation process

Our fully insured team will install your Conservatory Insulation Roof in two or three days with minimal fuss and maxim respect for your property. First, we dismantle the old polycarbonate or glass roof. After, we install the 50mm Celotex insulation panels and fix the treated fire rated timber battens internal and external. Then we use 19mm layers SuperQuilt insulation blanket which provides excellent heat reflection, and noise reduction. Leaving a space between each product we take into consideration possible condensation issue and we want to eliminate this from the beginning. After the second layer of timber battens are in place, we may now install either the lightweight UPVC or plasterboard and skimmed.