Reasons to upgrade my conservatory roof

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      Conservatories are regularly underused for their awkward temperature limits: torrid in summer and glacial in winter.
The need of a thermal efficiency ambient has become a number one priority among homeowners. Transforming a conservatory in a proper fully insulated room can reduce energy bills expenses as well as open additional use, making the conservatory even more- an all year space.
      For what reason is my conservatory excessively blistering in summer and extremely cold in winter?
Glass is certifiably not a decent protecting material – so a room made for the most part from glass that is gravely fitted will give helpless warm protection. In winter, heat is lost through the glass itself, and furthermore even in summer he is not a barrier in the heat way.
The issue is generally more regrettable for age related conservatories, which may have been all ineffectively assembled, and don’t compete with the advanced glass innovation that is around today- argon filled glass, double or triple glazing and even thermic barrier that is in-between.
Polycarbonate rooftops are even less proficient than glass and are noisier for sure acting like a drum when raining on. There are soundproofing solutions for your conservatory that maintain the look of a cosy room, and yet, still to reduce noise pollution up to 90% and bills up to 40%.
      Obviously, the big question is “how to prevent the heat loss from my conservatory?”
MIDLANDS INSULATED CONSERVATORY LTD have the solution to your problem. We fit lightweight insulation roof system that can boost the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. The process involves the fitting of a new roof keeping in place or replacing your old conservatory structure with timbers, using 50mm Extratherm panels followed by 18 mm OSB sheets covered with waterproof membrane and lightweight plastic tiles external. Internal we fit fire rated timber battens over the initial structure, followed by 19layers Superquilt blanket and secured with second layer of timber battens. Final stage consists in finished ceiling that can be plasterboard skimmed or Upvc shiplap cladding. At you request skylight windows can be also added to the ceiling if you wish more day-light into your room.
If all this make you think about your cosy room it is time for you to drop us a message or to call us for a free no-obligation quote and talk more about the installation process. We are more that happy to explain everything to you, in order that, if you decide to go ahead with the installation, to know every little detail.

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